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Savannah is the only child of a wealthy politician, Richard Driscoll who is more concerned with his image and career than with his family. When only the maid shares Savannah's birthday cake, she decides to run away. She hides in her aunt's car that is stolen that next day by two bungling criminals who are on the loose. Surprised at having Savannah in the car, the criminals try to decide what to do with her. Savannah refuses to tell them her name or where she lives. So, they have no choice but to take her back to their hideout. Savannah's disappearance is in the newspapers and a $100,000 reward is offered for her safe return. The criminals decide to keep her a little longer so they can figure out how to collect the money and not be caught or charged with kidnapping. A unique friend ship emerges as the three get to know each other as a hard-nosed detective tries to find her. In a final showdown, Savannah expresses her love for the two criminals who showed her love and friendship as her father looks on, embarrassed by being upstaged by these two criminals.


  • Original Release: 1982
  • TRT: 65min
  • Rating: NR
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Color
  • English
  • Starring: Peter Graves, Philip Abbott, Bridgette Andersen, Lynn Borden, Catherine Campbell, & Annette Claudier
  • Directed By: Pierre de Moro

Savannah Smiles - Digital

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