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It is invisible. It is deadly. It is right in front of you!


Pounce is a gory monster horror about a group of conspiracy theorists who are watching a top secret military base in the desolate Welsh mountains. They suddenly discover a top secret and highly lethal creature which the military and government are testing whose fur has the ability to turn invisible in the moon light. The film follows their plight as they are hunted both by the creature and the military who will stop at nothing to keep their classified specimen a secret.


AKA Silverhide


  • Release: 2015
  • TRT: 78min
  • Rating: NR
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Color
  • English
  • Starring: Kelly Wines, Lucy Clarvis, Phil Stone, Jordan Murphy, John Hove, Sean Hayes, & Matt Brewer
  • Directed By: Keith R Robinson

Pounce - Digital

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