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Super quake tilts Earth!


A scientific team built a machine that can predict earthquakes. After predicting one will hit California within the next 24 hours to a skeptical government, the earthquake does happen and causes immense damage. Now with the support and funding necessary the team works on further predictions and comes to the conclusion that a wave of earthquakes are imminent around the southwestern United States where they trace the epicenter to an area beneath the Carlsbad Caverns. Here they discover a strange ore which is highly explosive, and is working it's way from the depths of the Earth. A desperate operation ensues worldwide to blast and trench the ground to prevent the explosive ore from reaching the surface and destroying everything.


  • Original Release: 1957
  • TRT: 64min
  • Rating: NR
  • Format: DVD
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Region: ALL
  • B/W
  • English
  • Starring: Kathryn Grant, William Leslie, & Tristam Coffin
  • Directed By: Fred F Sears

Night the World Exploded

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