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Every corner of the soul is lost to the icy clutch of the supernatural...

A group of tourists are drawn into a nightmare after their car breaks down near a Spanish villa. Lisa and others are invited to spend the night at a mysterious mansion. The mansion's unique occupants all seem to be living in a very distant past. As the evening pregresses, the atmosphere takes its toll on the tired travelers. A dark cloud passes over each of their heads, as one by one, they all succumb to jealousy, hatred, and eventually death. Could the butler be the incarnation of the Devil himself, only those who survive can tell.


  • Original Release: 1972
  • TRT: 106min
  • Rating: NR
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Color
  • English
  • Starring: Telly Savalas, Elke Sommer, Sylvia Koscina, & Alessio Orano
  • Directed By: Mario Bava

Lisa & the Devil - Digital

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