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Beyond adventure, beyond terror, byond madness.

Some call the town of Weeping Willow curse, others call it forbidden. It's dark past makes it ideal for a depraved cult that has seemingly sprung from nowhere. Attempting to work with dark and forbidden powers of which they have no true understanding, they inadvertently open a portal into a dimension comprised of pure evil. A portal through which a hideous creature and his army of Shadow People can travel with frightening ease. Now a young girl has been abducted by the cult, and her desperate parents enlist the help of a seasoned band of occult warriors to rescue her and smash the Cult of the Shadow People!


  • Release: 2017

  • TRT: 110min

  • Rating: NR

  • Format: Digital Download

  • Color

  • English

  • Starring: James Wollwert, Tina Boivin, Christopher Kahler, Claire " Fluff" Llewellyn, & Andrew Baack

  • Directed By: James Baack

Cult of the Shadow People - Digital

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