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For God's sake, stay in your rooms and lock the doors!


When an elderly man dies, some of his relatives gather to hear the reading of the will. However, when the man's attorney reads it, it becomes clear how much the old man despised and loathed his worthless kin. In an intriguing twist, his will, as illustrated by a video he left behind for his remaining family, is structured in such a way as to set up a dogfight between his potential heirs to determine who will collect his fortune. A remake of the 1939 Bob Hope classic, the comedic elements have been removed, and the suspense heightened.


  • Original Release: 1974
  • TRT: 98min
  • Rating: G
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Color
  • English
  • Starring: Honor Blackman, Michael Callan, Edwar Fox, Wendy Hiller, & Wilfrid Hyde-White
  • Directed By: Radley Metzger

Cat & the Canary - Digital

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