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A blood drenched vampire epic!

Sometime in 19th century Argentina, the mysterious Gustavo spoils Ofelia's wedding night by turning her into his vampire bride. Fast forward to the swinging sixties, where a group of hip teenagers follishly spend the night at an old lodge that is reputed to be haunted. While their leader, Raul, is seduced by Ofelia, Gustavo spirits the groups female contigent away. When one of the girls, Laura, later re-appears on Raul's hotel room balcony in a state of shock, and displaying clear signs of vampire malaise, Raul sends for her brother, Tito. Tito decides that a return visit to the old lodge is the only way they will discover what is really wrong with Laura.


  • Original Release: 1967
  • TRT: 72min
  • Rating: R
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Color
  • Spanish With English Subtitles
  • Starring: Ricardo Bauleo, Susana Beltran, Gloria Prat, & Walter Kliche
  • Directed By: Emilio Vieyra

Blood of the Virgins - Digital

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